Appendix: Software in Use

Software used internally in Event Data

The Crossref Event Data system has a number of components. All parts of the system that are used to generate or distribute Events, Evidence, Artifacts are open source. Whilst you will probably never want to run any of this software, it may help with the interpretation of the data.

Crossref Event Data uses a collection of software. It is all open source, and you can browse it our repository on Github under the 'crossref-event-data' label.

Name Description URL Maintainer
Artifact Manager Utility to allow Crossref to manage and upload new Artifacts
Event Bus Internal service that accepts Events, archives, rebroadcasts
Event Data Common Clojure library providing common functionality
Event Data Integration End-to-end demonstration of the Event Data internal system with Docker
Crossref Agents Crossref-operated Agents that take data from external sources: hypothesis, newsfeed, reddit, reddit-links, stackexchange, twitter, wikipedia
Live Demo Show a live stream of Events as they happen
Percolator Produces Evidence and Events from data Agents send
Query API Server Serve up the Query API
Status Service to collect status messages and serve dashboard
Twitter Compliance Logger Collect compliance events to ensure we abide by them
Twitter Compliance Patcher Automatically apply Twitter compliance (deletions) to Events
Twitter Spot Check Tool for manually auditing Events for compliance.
User Guide This User Guide
Evidence Logger Saves Evidence Logs to application logs for internal monitoring
Evidence Log Snapshot Saves snapshots of the Evidence Log to daily archive.

Data flow through the system

This chart shows the flow of data through the system. A PDF shows more detail.

Event Data Flows